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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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hopes fade of finding more survivors from the oil platform that sank in the cold waters off rush's far east coast with rescuers failing to locate the missing workers. the cloud of uncertainty descends on eastern asia as the death of north korean leader kim jong il leaves neighbors on the edge of growing fears of violent conflict could follow its demise. and israel pushes for more settlements announcing over a thousand new houses in east jerusalem in the west bank in response to palestine progress toward statehood.
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live from moscow this is r.t. welcome it's nine pm here now my name is kevin owen and first eleven bodies have now been pulled out of freezing sea off russia's far east coast to an oil rig capsized and sank on sunday crews are working to try to recover possible victims seen in the water now earlier a life raft was spotted which was initially thought to be carrying fifteen people but sadly it turned out to be empty fourteen were rescued from the sea shortly after the rig collapsed but several dozen are still missing tonight jacob greaves is in your skin the coastal region where the disaster happened. is looking increasingly unlikely that any war survivors will be found search and rescue teams have made contact with lifeboats and life rafts through out the course of the day but no people so far no survivors crucially have been found as a very similar story to that of sunday and largely this is owing to the fact that this all wreak sank so quickly in bad weather conditions that swept away many of
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these lifeboats before it seems people could board them and we're looking at a very grave picture present if there are any survivors though being in the water for well over twenty four hours now typically given night time conditions that means planes can't fly and can't be used to try and search out any signs of life indeed throughout the course of one day we have seen the number of people found dead and mounting as for those who have been found alive for so far fourteen in toto took place on sunday where they're plucks from the water shortly after the sinking of this oil rig for the were immediately flown out to sakhalin here for further treatment a day have been ruled that they're in fits and good state and that she those four have undergone questioning in it because this case is a criminal case has been opened to try to find out what exactly happened some of
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the theories that have been put forward so far looks or perhaps as this oil rig took on a significant amounts of water which meant it sank very quickly it's all occurred approximately two hundred kilometers off the coast of south carolinian in russia's far east as it already has been towed support by an icebreaker a very bad weather conditions now of course the search and rescue operation is still ongoing there are many more still missing and expecting it to continue throughout the course of the evening. jacobs is part of our crew in the region following developments bringing you up to date as more details come through hopefully we'll get to show you more of how the rescues are progressing over the coming hours from both the air and in the sea as well as hearing from relatives of course so desperate for information about their loved ones and as always more coverage on web site as well as tragedy indeed through the eyes of a witness a survivor we tracked down recalls the final minutes before that oil rig collapsed
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if you want to hear more you want to read up more it's at our t.v. dot com to get his story. japan is voicing fears of a possible military escalation in the korean peninsula following the death of the north's leader kim jong il the warning follows a state of emergency and military alert declared by south korea china in turn has expressed its condolences but it also is reported to have sent troops to its border with the reclusive state it's all being driven by fears of a possible succession conflict now as the late leader's youngest son kim young one prepares to see in power the country's declared a period of mourning with state t.v. showing outpourings of emotion from across the country that is and this is now a reports of a man who personified north korea's communist state. a mystery to the world what now for north korea with its leader kim jong il gone this massive
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military parade was held in two thousand and eight to mark north korea's sixtieth anniversary general can john wasn't there to greet the crowd reports suggested he suffered a stroke in two thousand and three reports claimed kim jong il died of diabetes and had been replaced in public by stand ins hired previously as a security measure he never spoke to the media had a profound fear of flying and ate with special chopsticks which could detect poison rumors have surrounded the so-called supreme leader throughout his life beginning with birth according to one source he was born in the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred forty one during his father's exile all kim jong il's official biography claims his birth was heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow. our people take part in the fact that they are blessed with great leaders from generation to generation. the leader of the democratic people's
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republic of korea since one nine hundred ninety four he succeeded his father kim il sung keeping korea close to the world kim jong il was also named supreme commander of the people's army one of the largest in the world with one million active troops and over four million reservist it's believed enormous funds allocated to its military might ate up north korea's resources needed to fight famine and other social problems but kim jong il and his regime tried to put on a different show when allowing the globe a glimpse inside four hundred you know in our thought or idea the general named james thank you so much hours. after the korean war the demilitarized zone was drawn up sending north and south korea into very different directions decades on the north remains a closed communist state the south. modern democracy and innovative success story north korea has caused global outrage in recent years turns to patience by carrying
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out underground nuclear test and short range missile launches leading to us in un financial and military sanctions it is now not a matter of the united states and north korea it is really a matter of the region saying to north korea that it has to change its behavior russia has tried to be a mediator for peace on the peninsula by pushing for negotiations if you want to live or in the asia pacific region this serious potential for conflict and there's no alternative but to set up dialogue and improve understandings between this saw you in twenty ten new bugs blew up around the north with talk of the possible next leader that's when kim john on became a four star general and first moved into my mind to take over for his father oversaw tensions reach its highest point in decades after the north launched an artillery strike that left four dead south korea continues to hold marj value war games with the u.s. and japan and want to conflict would break out if another attack was launched now
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came john on a young and inexperienced leader is apple hound and will either open the door or continue to keep it shot. this roadway station was built in two thousand and two with hopes of connecting seoul and palin yang but the north korean regime backed out at the last minute making this the last stop train heading back into the south now with kim jong il to their new power that perhaps soon we could see a train heading in. that it might have the most secretive and reply. in the world and he's now artsy korea. well with korea preparing to take his first steps on the new leadership the hotels waiting to witness the country's next move to discuss what that my brain. consultant and author is joining us live the line from one to. as. south korea's military is on high alert as we've been reporting the north also has reportedly carried out
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a ballistic missile test today i mean you know when i look at it unpredictability is often the word associated when you think of north korea how's it going to play now with regard to the north relations with the rest of the world do you think. well i think yes definitely north korea is a secretive country it still remains to be seen whether the disappearance of kim jong il and by his son kim yong will mean any change especially amongst the younger generations one can expect that there should be some easing up especially this tendency of socially engineered mastiff occasion where they all they do all everything together even cry together now i think the important thing here to understand is that for example the top of south korea being on military alert it's not south korea it's on military alert it's the united states that is actually using south korea as a beachhead ever since the end of the korean war the other hand we have to understand or should really be asking ourselves will the military the north korean
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military which are very powerful one million strong army four million reserve nuclear arms ballistic missiles will they really be subordinated to the new government or will they have a larger stance of the us i cannot see however these things because north korea will undoubtedly not do that which china does not allow we have to always interpret north korea within the scope of the regional geopolitics of china which is the key power in the region we've been watching the pictures here a graphic pictures all day of the mass outpouring of grief amongst the people there a genuine outpouring of grief yes. i would have my doubts about that but there probably is a lot of as i say socially engineered massive occasion if you look at the west with new eyes you will always also see mass behavioral patterns in the west also but which is where part of perhaps you don't see them this is just
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a different type of social engineering where as i say we even go so far as to crying together it might be genuine it also might be contagious we all know that these mass are poor example can be contained. it's at times but i don't think the bear is the key question right now probably the key question is how will all of this unfold what will china do china has a very special relationship with north korea it's sort of a love hate strict father versus problem child relationship but as i say in a way north korea is to china a bit of a wild card just as israel is a wild card to the united states so when we start looking at these parallels and start trying to fathom what china will do and even what russia will do because people forget that russia although very small shares a tiny border with north korea but the key issue here is china and i don't think china will allow this to be space stabilized they have operated very shrewdly internally in a transition and they hopefully they will promote that same internal transition
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that china has been doing maybe they will be able to promote it now. as a new leader within north korea and hopefully the military which is the backbone of our country will follow along to be touched just now briefly what is that stake for the west now as you see it. well what's at stake for the u.s. now for vote for the west as a whole is how china will consolidate its power you see there is the grand geo political difference between the western china the west basically get out of states and britain and its allies want global it puerile dominance the chinese do not want to be a dominant power globally they want to be the bomb of them power regional we in asia and in the pacific area and here are one of your reports that your response the point japan you can now understand north korea or even china without relating it to the very difficult history looks one of the century of japan invaded china
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invaded career and all of you have the world war two and you actually ousted from there so japan will probably have an important role as we still politically as being a spokesman for the west and no doubt the chinese will probably call the point i think will be us to the u.k. will be very very careful what we do even the democrats have tried to approach north korea madeleine albright visit in two thousand bill clinton in two thousand and nine but the republicans as we all remember in two thousand and two george w. bush baptized north korea as the axis of evil and the outpost of tyranny which is basically just a lot of words how do you suppose she frank fear thoughts on a program much appreciated joining us on the line there from one is our last night . still ahead for you this hour dealing a digital blow internet users sound the alarm over u.s. piracy act that could strangle freedom of speech on the world wide web. next the israel plans to build over a thousand new homes in east jerusalem the west bank it's part of
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a speeding up now of settlement construction in response to palestine succession to unesco palestinians say peace negotiations are impossible while settlement expansion continues artie's fall asleep mideast correspondent has been following developments. what we're hearing is that the israeli government has announced it will be building more than a thousand housing units across the green line on palestinian land now the purpose of the housing units is to try and help alleviate the shortage of accommodation particularly among young israeli couples in the jerusalem area but no doubt this announcement will draw the anger of the international community as indeed have similar announcements in the past certainly it does not bode well for any kind of resumption of peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians it seems out a strong message that the netanyahu government is not interested in sitting down and talking with the palestinians while at the same time continuing to build settlements on palestinian land while we're talking palestinians in the west bank are celebrating and this is because of the release last night sunday of five
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hundred and fifty palestinian prisoners from israeli jails this was the second phase of an israeli prisoner exchange swap that was carried out back in october you remember there that the first phase of this prisoner exchange deal started that will ultimately see more than a thousand palestinian prisoners released for one israeli soldier gilad shalit who has already returned to israel now it was a time when clashes broke out shortly before the exchange last night took place these clashes were between israeli soldiers and families who were waiting for prisoners to come back the soldiers were firing tear gas and rubber bullets the palestinians were throwing rocks and burning tires so you do have this policy which seems quite strange to some observers on the one hand israel that hearing to a prisoner exchange deal and seemingly one thousand to move forward and create some kind of of negotiations with the palestinians but on the other hand we do have this flare up in violence and we also have this continuation in settlement building by
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the netanyahu government. aggressive settlement policy threatens to split the jewish state from its west. no real political goal what's the view of doctors from the palestinian israeli peace and. the whole idea of punishing the palestinians by building another one thousand units in major was a live issue was of him and the west bank is a big mistake from the point of view of the israeli interest it is the direction that this government is taking and that they were action is to work. against the palestinian demands of stopping all settlement buildings but more so i'm afraid that it works also against the israeli interest. i will friends our allies in your. building in united states can save you a clue and now the day against you settlement building on
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a large extent building this is not the time neither to have a fight with the europeans or with the americans and r.t. don't come tonight our website from festivities this independence day turns deadly and stars have been reporting over the last couple of days with an angry mob burning dozens of buildings as their industrial action goes on i would bring you up to date on that developing story also why doing what the bank is say to get us out of recession is already a tried and failed for me there are two reports knowledge attain it was discovered that the hard way just a decade ago. security forces opened fire on anti military protesters in cairo killing at least three egypt's health ministry says the total number of casualties following days of
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renewed violence now stands at fourteen with seven hundred reported injured john race a political activist from the british based stop the war coalition told us the arms the military using in their crackdown were provided by the west. government is continuing the mubarak era regime policy and that couldn't be clearer with the current crackdown the extreme violence now being used against the protesters i think what many people believe is that no elections that take place no could be described as free and fair when they're taking place against this background the west has been as complicit in backing the regime since mubarak fell as it was in backing the mubarak regime when he was in power there is still one point three billion pounds of u.s. military aid given to the egyptian military you will have seen the videos of the protesters holding up the c.s. canisters fired at them into here square with the words made in the usa on them we know that cameron when he visited here square behind him british companies
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including on his companies and these people have been part of the rearmament of the egyptian military the very arms that are now being used against the protesters are provided by by western governments who have been backing this regime so they have pockets the is times two there was hypocrisy with regard to mubarak and his no further hypocrisy with regard to the supreme council the armed forces regime. actually military violence against civilians has taken a turn elsewhere in the arab world to syria's signed an agreement letting in the arab league observers to monitor the regime's dealing with the unrest in the country the league threatened to ask the u.n. security council to take action unless damascus agreed groups already suspended syria's membership for refusing to comply with a peace plan to get president assad withdraw troops and start a dialogue with the opposition also around the world tonight a mass burial has been organized from the seven hundred victims of the flash floods in the southern philippines in the city of fifty and identify bodies have already
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been buried there is still a struggle to try to help survivors caught by the deluge that was triggered by tropical storm and high tides the red cross estimates about eight hundred people are still missing. thousands assailed rallies across italy in protest of the sterett it cuts which include tax and pension changes a bailout package of over thirty billion euros was recently approved by lawmakers headed by mario monti's new technocrat government it's expected to be passed by the senate by the end of the week but many believe the brunt of the cuts will be borne by the poorest. brushes said that any global treaty on internet control must be worked out within un frameworks and not by a single nation this comes as internet giants of fearing the proposed u.s. stop online piracy at could assure when a new dawn of web censorship art is gone if you can look at why the plan is being branded a case of double standards. as the obama team travels around the globe preaching virtues of internet freedom but i'm a big believer in technology and i'm
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a big believer in openness it is vitally important to every nation represented and every nation in the world namely internet freedom u.s. lawmakers may soon pass legislation that would make taking down a website as easy as a walk in the park the government would be able to shut down eighty sites suspected of hosting copyright material no court warrant needed the government doesn't just take down the infringing material it takes on the site entirely and it does it without even a trial the find out whether it's illegal or not and as you know copyright laws are extremely complicated there are lots of things that look like copyright infringement to turn out to be licensed in one way or another even a site like you tube which has a mix of different kinds of content under this bill the entire site to get shut down companies like google yahoo or facebook or furious over the pending stop online piracy act google co-founder sergey brin compared the bill to censorship in
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china and you ran imagine my astonishment when the newest threat to free speech has come from the mother but the united states legendary computer scientist vince serve widely hailed as one of the founders of the internet itself said the legislation has the potential of bringing about unprecedented censorship of the web by using copyright as a wedge issue suddenly we're able to put this power in the hands of the government and then once they have it it can be expanded and expanded to deal with a whole range of other things program aaron swartz was under investigation for sharing the united states federal court documents on the web in july he was arrested for downloading roughly four million academic articles from a protected computer he says the laws would make it very easy to silence internet whistleblowers any time a news organization or activist group or critics. tries to put up some internal documents that were leaked or things like that all those documents are copyrighted
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for example we found e-mails from the people who made voting machines and the group at swarthmore college put them up on their website showing that the people who made these voting machines knew they were flawed and people could hack into the voting machines those emails were all copyrighted and the company alleged it was copyright infringement to share those emails under this bill they could shut the entire site down and prevent anyone from reading these emails of incredible public importance but not only could it a fact freedom of speech but also businesses by potentially giving companies easy tools to drive competitors out of business they would have every opportunity to take action to disappear competitors and made heated debates congress postponed the vote the websites of the congressmen themselves could potentially be shut down under the proposed legislation because all of them post content that was borrowed from somewhere else like t.v. news clips what's even more ironic is that as the u.s. preaches freedom of iran and to the wall that the home it might soon pass
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legislation that gives the government sweeping powers to stifle web sources i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team following that story closely for you of course know in a few minutes always slow of travel adventure on this program we take it be all the . latest our special reports for you more sights and sounds to enjoy offered caught up with a business here. hello and a very warm welcome to the program russia's prime minister vladimir putin is calling for a corruption probe and state power companies inspections will take place in the next two months and will include from such as gasp from the. bank a milestone announcement was made at the country's largest power plant. is there with details. the government meeting devoted to the power sector surprised it started in
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a routine way with large zimmer puton announcing new investments in the sector but one of that was done the prime minister devoted half an hour to naming people in the industry a suspected of corruption he highlighted how top managers used oh sure companies and i feel it's still siphoned off madea he called these schemes a legacy of wild mind his and said russia has to make sure strategic sectors worked in a transparent way. that if we want a good investment climate we do not accept offshore schemes any longer especially in the infrastructure sectors those who want to keep profiteering russia you're welcome it's in full compliance with the law but withdrawing money from the country through three companies cannot be accepted we need to pull the plug on the legacy of the arrow world capitalism. what's different this time is that it appears to be more than grant awards officials and managers have been put a lot has cleared up your act all software as a consequence is that you have
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a bit of color business are to siberia. has been called the deal of the year by one of russia's business magazines the country's two stock exchanges have completed their merger the r.t.s. and the might six will continue to try to separate indices but the trading platforms clearing systems and data centers will be integrated the new exchanges go for a public listing in the twentieth that they've need to raise at least three hundred million dollars the merger is an essential government's one to promote as an international financial center. oh let's have a look at how the market's up before. the markets closed in the red there are just last quarter percent while the my six finish just. let's have a look at some of the individual share moves in the my six some energy majors were in the right for the speech that producers hydro most. more than three percent off to russian prime minister says the company should cut its consumer prices by twelve
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and a help percent next year monopoly gas ball also posted losses off to vetting mr newspaper reporters its spending may rise to fifty five billion dollars next year pressures met him on a pole in the two games though the company plans to increase production by as much as twenty percent in twenty twelve i'd expect the gold price to rebound two thousand dollars an ounce. start so low as your area policymakers just cost additional financial support through the international monetary fund. in the u.s. stocks a low offer to comments from the european central bank chief injected a fresh lot of pessimism into the markets the dollar the nasdaq up both losing point four percent s. our. ok that's it for now i'll be back with more market analysis in about fifteen minutes time here on our t.v. don't go away.
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